intacs or intacts?

hey whats, in a name, said the Bard. Rose is sweet in any language. But when it comes to medicine, the plethora of tongue twisters like keratoconus, form fruste keratoconus, pellucidal marginal degeneration or intacs, intacts, fleirs reing reminds me of K$sha’s song- Balh, blah, blah. Cmon why we cant KISS- keep it simple stupid. Keratoconus is low rigidity flabby cornea. Intacs are plastic segments very much like a miracle bra or suspender. It moves the floppy cornea up. was that difficult to understand. or do you prefer the geek gibberish which may sound like greek or latin or blah blah blah. serves eye care patients in the Los Angeles metroplex including the Beverly Hills, Burbank, Pasadena, San Fernando, San Gabriel, Santa Clarita, Thousand Oaks & Valencia areas

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